Abraham Heating & Cooling, Inc.


   Family Owned and Operated since 1998


Richard Miller: President

Question: Why did you decide to open your own heating and cooling business?

Answer: In short I like the fact that I get to know my clients on a more personal level. They are more to me then just a name and address on an invoice. I   felt that I could offer a more personalized experience to my customers then I could when I worked for the large box chained HVAC companies. I like that clients feel like they can ask me anything pertaining to their home comfort needs and know that I am going to point them in the same direction I would my own family. I am not a sales man....I come from years of having hands on experience, which definitely makes a significant difference. I am confident in my knowledge I have obtained over the many years and am more then happy to share that experience with our customers.

Amanda Miller-Sweener: Office

Question: What in your opinion have been the top three reasons Abraham Heating and Cooling, Inc. has been so successful?

Answer: That is simple! One....our attention to customer relations. It is extremely important to me that our clients know that their best interest is our best interest. We are here to assist in whatever it is that our clients are looking for. If the requested service is something we do not offer, I always make sure to refer our clients to companies that I would refer my girlfriends to over a cup of coffee. Number Two....our attention to detail and Number three...our dedication to what we do. My father Richard started this company  16 years ago and I am proud to have joined him shortly thereafter. We are dedicated to being the very best and offering the very best. Being thorough and detailed oriented  helps point us in the direction of success.

Justin Sweener: Head HVAC Technician

Question: What do you feel you bring specifically to Abraham Heating and Cooling, Inc.?

Answer: I definitely bring new ideas and hard work . I feel like if we are going to continue to grow we have to have new and improved ideas concerning business and be able to achieve such. I enjoy that we get to think outside the box here and we are encouraged to do so. We are proud that we are what seems to feel at times a dying breed. We sincerely care about our customers, appreciate their business and make sure to show them EVERYTIME we return to their home that they are appreciated. Without you...there would be no us!

"Thank you for making our family a part of yours!"