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Annual and Bi-Annual Maintenance Agreements:

We here at Abraham Heating and Cooling, Inc. are very excited to introduce our Annual and Bi-Annual Maintenance Agreements! Obtaining this agreement not only may save you quite a bit of money but also ensures that your equipment is running more efficiently and reliably all year long. Your equipment is first subject to an overall safety inspection.

Maintenance Agreements are available for as little as 0.27 a day! Prices do vary. Please call our office for further information and to learn how you too can protect your home and wallet!

Maintenance Agreements Include:

An annual or bi-annual tune up for your home heating and/or cooling system.

A 15% discount on all Labor, Repairs and Parts.

24 Hour Emergency Service Available.

Priority Pricing (No travel or Overtime Charges EVER).

Parts and Labor fully warrantied as per manufacturer.

Preferential Treatment: We respond to your needs first, before non contracted clients.

What to expect with your Tune Up included with your maintenance agreement.


Clean and service will consist of a thorough vacuum, brush and cleaning of the systems heat exchanger, vent pipe and combustion area. The nozzle, oil filter and fuel pump strainer will be replaced. The fuel pump is cleaned and flushed. The low water cut off is tested and flushed. The gage glass is cleaned or replaced. Any unnecessary openings will be sealed. For steam only: the pig tail is cleaned. Overall system operation test is given.


Clean and service will consist of a thorough inspection of the heating system.The condensate pump is checked, inspected and cleaned to ensure proper operation. On select models the vent pipe will be removed and cleaned.The flame rod and/or thermocouple checked and cleaned. All related electrical will be tightened.Overall system operation test is given.

Air Conditioning-

Clean and service will consist of a pressure wash of the outdoor condenser coil. Electricals are inspected and tightened. Refrigerant levels are checked, then super heat or sub-cooled. A temperature drop across the evaporator will be will be conducted.The drain line to the condensate pump is blown out. Overall system operation test is given.